Staff and Leadership

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Pastor Arlyn Coalter

        My wife Deb and I are truly excited to be here; serving the Hilltop church family. We have been warmly welcomed by the church. We feel like we have come full circle in making a move to Sioux Falls. I attended seminary in Sioux Falls over twenty years ago, and now to come back to serve this church in Sioux Falls seems almost like coming home. Before I was appointed to serve a student charge, Deb and I attended Hilltop. We liked the friendly atmosphere we found then, and we have found that same spirit present as we have come to be part of the leadership team now, several years later. To me that says a lot about the people who have led this church in the past and those who are in leadership today.

            Deb and I have one son, Chris, who is married and serves in the army. He is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Chris and his wife Holly have four children; T.J., Gabe, Samantha and Bella. Gabe and Bella live in Tea (grandma and I are very excited to be close enough to them that they can come and spend the night whenever they want).

           We look forward to getting to know everyone better.


Kris Rees, Director of Youth and Families

I've been a member of Hilltop for about seven years now.  My husband and I, along with our children, began coming to Hilltop after an unexpected visit by a former Hilltop pastor extending an invitation to worship.  Little did I know, at that time, how that simple gesture would change my life!

I've volunteered with our middle and high school youth for a few years now, and have recently become the Youth and Families Director.  I love working with the youth, listening to their challenges, hearing their stories and helping them discern their many questions that we all have about "what is God's plan for me?" 

I am so thankful for my family, the youth and the families of this church!  You can always reach me at


Glenda Kluckman, Choir Director

I am a lifelong resident of Sioux Falls.  My husband and I went to school here, married here and never left!  We have one son, two daughters, three grandsons and one granddaughter, who are the loves of my life!  I retired from Shopko two years ago to pursue my three passions...grandchildren, music and theater. 

There was always music in the house when I was growing up from the radio, stereo or my mother humming as she worked around the house.  Consequently, if I don't hear music, my life does not feel in proper balance.  I have been privileged to be a choir director at another church and now I'm privileged to lead the choir here at Hilltop UMC.  I've also been a song leader at Mission U a few times. 

When you hear the last chord of a piece and it sends chills up your back, that's my 'aha' moment, what I strive for with each song we sing.  A few years ago at a music workshop I heard this statement 'When you sing, you are praying twice!' I truly believe in that remark.  The Bible says, 'make a joyful noise unto the Lord' so I invite you all to come help the choir make a joyful noise!!

Shalaine Rostomily,

Worship Leader

Shalaine is Worship Leader for the contemporary worship service.  She is a talented musician and vocalist.  As Worship Leader, Shalaine selects the music, leads and rehearses the praise band and plans the worship service.


Judi Zikmund, Office Manager

Judi serves as information hub for Hilltop United Methodist Church. If you have anything you want put on the website, added to the newsletter, or included in an e-blast, let her know - she's the one you're looking for!  Membership, financial records and general office details are her responsibilities, as well.

Judi is passionate about her job and is ready to do anything it takes to help Hilltop minister to the neighborhood, the church, and the city. Stop by and say hello - even if she looks busy, she's always ready to get to know you!


Hilltop Lay Leaders

Our church would not be what it is without the generous help of our church leadership. These leaders help support the church through gifts of time, effort, and faith


Dave Malde, Chair Administrative Team

"Our administrative team - is here to take care of some of the administrative duties of the church: things like finances and building improvements, so you can perform ministry more effectively here throughout our community. If your idea is looking for funding or if you're struggling with an obstacle in our building, we are the people to call!"

Denny Fernau

Mission Lead


"I’ve been a part of Hilltop for many years, and I am passionate about helping our church grow. As a member I’ve served in many capacities, and I am excited to strengthen our mission outreach in the city and beyond.  I love trying to remove the road blocks that keep us from really doing what God is calling us to do: ministry! If you’ve got an idea for a mission project, get in touch. Let’s talk!"

Lynnda Schoen



"As your church treasurer - and as a long standing member of Hilltop - I have helped our leadership team work hard to be financially responsible with the gifts you have given us. We have worked diligently to make our records accurate, transparent, and easily interpreted. If you have any questions concerning your giving or our church’s spending, contact me,"

Matt Palmiotto

Staff-Parish Relations Chair


"Our staff at Hilltop is awesome, and I am honored to work with them. Being a pastor or staff at Hilltop is not always easy - our staff works hard, and it's my responsibility to support them in any way I can. If you have any staff concerns or have any ideas on how we can help support our staff here at Hilltop, let me know!"

Chester DeYoung

Finance Chair

"My wife and I are long time members of Hilltop UMC and we appreciate the family atmosphere here.  I'm excited about the opportunity to lead the Finance Committee in our careful stewardship of your gifts.  I know how faithful Hilltop’s members are at giving! We have a very generous church, and I’m proud to be working with all of you. If you ever have questions about our finances, or have a dream for our church justemail me."

Beth Rygg

Sunday School Team Lead

"Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a mother of three children, and am excited about the future of our Sunday School program! We are always interested in new ways to help our children grow in their faith, so if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you."

Troy Luettel

Trustee Lead

"I'm the lead of our Trustees team, and I'm very passionate about the ministries here at Hilltop. Though I realize people are number one here at Hilltop, I've also come to realize how important the building is to our ministries. My job is to help our building stay inviting and welcoming as it helps serve the ministries here at Hilltop! If you have any building concern, or if you have a great idea that would make our building more welcoming, I'm your guy, and I'd love to hear from you!"

Jyll Luettel

Lay Leader

"As a mother of two girls, I am passionate about helping people of all ages get involved in the ministry of our church. If you want to start a ministry, get involved in a ministry we already have going, or are struggling with a ministry you are in, give me a call or email me - I am there for you."



Deb Vigness

Small Groups Coordinator



Jeff Gould

Lay Witness Ministry

"My job is to help maintain and start new small group ministries here at Hilltop. As disciples each of us wants and needs to grow spiritually, and I believe that happens in our "life groups," small groups where we study, have fund and get real with each other about our faith. If you are interested in helping start a new life group or want to get involved in an existing group, give me a call or email me."

"Everyone has a story to tell. Stories help us understand each other's gifts and graces. As a story teller myself, I am anxious to help others find their voice to express the stories of their walk with Jesus. Let's visit over coffee and share our stories.

Dave Malde

Counseling Service

"As a trained counselor, I am passionate about developing strong leaders for Hilltop who can help us maintain a healthy, loving community. If you have ministry ideas or just want to talk, give me a call or email me. I am here to listen and lead."