UMCOR Kit Supply Lists

UMCOR kits are assembled by local churches and sent to Sager Brown Depot or Midwest Mission Distribution Center for dissemination to areas affected by natural disasters or to countries where residents live in extreme poverty.     

Hygiene (Health) Kits


  • 1 hand towel (15" x 25" up to 17"x 27")

  • 1 washcloth

  • 1 comb (large and sturdy)  At least 6 inches of teeth

  • 1 toenail or fingernail clippers (no emery boards or metal nail files)

  • 1 bath-size bar of soap  (3 oz. or larger) no Ivory or Jergens soap

  • 1 toothbrush (single brushes only in original wrapper, no child size brushes)

  • 10 adhesive plastic strip sterile bandages  (3/4 x 3 inches)

All kit contents must be new, unused and exactly as requested.  Do not launder towel and washcloth

Place these items in a one-gallon zip-lock plastic bag.

School Kits


  • 1 pair blunt scissors (rounded tip, no plastic scissors)

  • 1 box of 24 crayons

  • 3 one subject notebooks (no marble composition books, no 3 or 5 subject notebooks)

  • 1 pack of loose leaf ruled paper  (100 or 200 page packets; wide or college ruled)

  • 1 12 inch or 30-centimeter ruler

  • 1 hand held pencil sharpener  (1 inch or longer, remove from packaging)

  • 6 unsharpened pencils

  • 1 eraser, 2" or longer

All kit contents must be new and exactly as requested. Place all contents in a large zip-lock bag.


Cash donations for Cleaning Kits (Flood Buckets)   Cash value of one kit  -   $75.00